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There are many ways to perceive Wedding Video, many ways to see a story, your story, and to show it in a wedding video. wedding videographers.

The best phrase to define my work is probably emotional video, also known as documentary video, and that is the reason why I do it. I search for emotion in every single moment, and I capture it for you.

Wedding Videographer

Emotional wedding video

The reason is simple: a wedding is, above all, emotion in its purest form, and that is the emotion I seek in every moment. wedding video.

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Since your wedding day is unique and cannot be repeated, every detail matters, every second has immeasurable value, every person that is by your side, whether it is family or a guest, means the world to you.

Emotional wedding videos

There are a lot of emotions that can be seen. The emotion of the word appears on its own. Tears of joy, nervous smiles, future plans drawn with closeness. wedding video.

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A thousand emotions, a thousand videos that can take you back to the exact moment the video was made. wedding video.

Through the videos of you wedding, and without any effort, everything happens again, as if it were the very day… Because an emotion has that power when it is turned into a memory – the power to make you travel back in time and smile again with the same intensity.

That is the work at Nelson Coelho Films, and that is why I am a wedding videographer. wedding videographer. wedding video.

Videographer of natural and spontaneous weddings

And if capturing the emotion is crucial to our work, allowing you, the bride and groom, to forget about the camera and the videographer is an essential requirement.

Posing never works. It is easy to notice a fake gesture, you completely lose your natural look, especially on your wedding day, when time flies and you more than to stand in front of a camera, you want to have fun and enjoy the day.

For that reason, our wedding video are made without poses. We are videographers that create spontaneous, natural videos and, most importantly, videographers that seek amusing, dynamic videos.

We love to be around you, the bride and groom, the people who are special to you, who you care about, and who bring you tenderness and joy on a very special day. And that results in videos full of life and real moments – real videos, in which you will be able to recognize each gesture as your own, and nothing will be forced or faked.

Documentary wedding videos

All of this relies on something quite simple and basic – the communication that will be built between me and the bride and groom.

We want to know everything – all the details of your personal story, what you consider important, all the places, details, anecdotes…

Wedding video

Videographer of original weddings with a story

I will turn every single piece of your private puzzle into a wedding video.

These are special videos, which aside the aesthetic impact that they have, complete the story and add value to the intangible bride and groom. For that reason, I will speak as if I’m among friends, without unnecessary formalities, because it is time to have fun and enjoy the great event that is your wedding.

Delicate and elegant wedding videos

I love natural and emotional wedding videos, I’m always watchful of where I can find the emotional side of every wedding – a hug, a smile, a look, a tear – but I always like my weeding videos to be full of elegance in every shot. In every wedding, the goal is to make extremely aesthetic shots, and to capture each moment with the utmost sensitivity, because that is the only way to convey the emotions of a wedding day in every wedding video.

Best wedding video

Wedding videos

To be able to work this way, Nelson Coelho Films is in constant training, always keeping up to date with the latest and most advanced information regarding Videography and Editing.

Wedding Videographers

I work hard to be very good at my job. My long history as a wedding videographer all around the world, as well as the numerous prizes, mentions and awards I’ve received, and continue to receive thanks to couples like you, allow me to create my work freely.

I always input my creativity in your wishes and personal history.

Wedding Videographer

A wedding is a day full of emotional moments, filled with spontaneous gestures, laughter and fun. There is no place for fabricated images, in which the bride and groom are invited to leave the party in order to pose in front of the camera. That cold and distant way of filming a wedding is a thing of the past.

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Luckily, the trend is shifting, and Nelson Coelho Films is proud to be in the lead of this new trend for wedding videos to above all, seek natural images, not only in Luxembourg, but all around the world.

It’s quite simple: if a wedding video is natural, then it is real. It truly is your wedding, those are your true memories, no poses, no lies. Every image, every moment is a memory that will take you back to the exact moment in which the video was made. This is how I am and how I work. I am a videographer of natural weddings in Luxembourg.

Wedding video mexico

Gay wedding videos

My office is in Hamm, Luxembourg, and I’m the only professional with extensive experience and passion for my work. I always add part of my personality when it comes to perform a wedding report.

Wedding report

The word natural repeats itself in my mouth, is captured in my lenses, and reflected in the final video. This comes from the emotional video, which defines me as a professional.

They come together the same way you, the bride and groom, walk together, holding hands in your wedding day. Thus, one cannot separate emotional from natural, because they come from one another.

Wedding videos in Luxembourg

This is how I can offer what is in my portfolio – natural, emotional videos, which result in different wedding videos, because each moment is different, each situation, each couple is unique. Therefore, your wedding video should be different, fun, fresh, full of life, full of truth.

Original and personalized wedding videos

This is how your wedding video will be. It will start with your story, your ideas and dreams, which I will bring to life. I know how to make an atmosphere feel close and comfortable between us, no matter how intimate or emotional the moment may be.

Original and emotional weddings

A wedding is full of moments such as these, special, emotional and filled with sensitivity. My camera seeks that natural image and that’s what I want to do with your memories, your perfect wedding video. I won’t allow for faults. Natural does not conflict with know-how.

I am extremely demanding when it comes to my work. It is possible that a natural video may look like the result of randomness, when seen by the eyes of those who don’t know the amount of work that is behind that result.

Wedding photography and video

We must have the highest level of attention, to every detail, movement, gesture, laughter, tear, wink, whatever it may be, without ever forgetting the history you’ve told me. All of that, while still paying attention to the lighting, framing, all the technical aspects that don’t need to be explained, because they can be felt when watching the final video. When we are influenced by what the natural video conveys, we can feel that it is something good, even if we don’t know the reason.

Creative and different wedding videos

We love to make a session with the bride and groom before the wedding day. This allows a first contact between them and the camera, but it also allows all of us to be at ease in order to create beautiful images, which is harder to achieve on the wedding day.

In the pre-wedding sessions, we try to get to know the couple better, so that we can create a pre-wedding video clip that is original, personalized and creative, always according to each couples taste.

This video is filmed before the wedding and will be showed during the wedding reception, to the entire family, friends and guests.

Pre- and post-wedding videos

Many of our couples make an after wedding session. Usually, we make this video in a place or city that is special to the bride and groom. We’ve made post-wedding sessions in London, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Palma de Majorca, Oporto, Lisbon, Las Vegas, Cuba, Costa Rica, etc. In this session, we dedicate all our creativity and originality in order to create amazing images in these magical places. This video allows us to capture unique images to complete the wedding video.

Drone images in the wedding videos

In the last few years, the quality of wedding videos has increased quite a lot, almost to a cinematic level. Nowadays, we have the ability to make aerial shots of the couple. We like to use a few drone-created shots in the wedding video, but without ever overdoing it. Because, for that shot to be incredible and to have the desired impact, it has to be very well planned in order to bring something different to the final video. We believe that, in this case, less is more.

How we deliver the final video

We deliver the final video to the couple in personalized cases, as well as with a super original Blue-Ray menu. These cases are personalized with the names and photos of the bride and groom. We always make a different case for every couple.

Wedding video prices

So, no nerves in front of the camera, because you will forget all about it. My videos are natural, without posing, and without uncomfortable or inconvenient moments. It is your wedding day, and your job is to enjoy it, while mine is to immortalize it. best wedding videographer.

Wedding video palma de majorca

Certainly, this sentence loses some of its meaning when looking at my film gallery, because you will discover certain places outside of Luxembourg.

Most weddings I film are usually outside of Luxembourg, in different destinations, and I love to visit other cities!

wedding video spain

One of the reasons why I love knowing your story is to find the perfect places to film the pre- and post-wedding reports. Throughout the years, there have been so many different places that it would be impossible to remember them all. wedding videographer

For example, the wedding might be filmed in Mallorca, but the couple’s usual place of residence might be in Luxembourg, so it is very special to have a pre-wedding report in the country you consider your second home. I will go! I will gladly fly from Luxembourg to your home and share a bit of your life, which I will bring back with me and my cameras, filled with energy and longing for more.

wedding video ibiza

Or maybe the bride fondly remembers the special town or beach where her boyfriend showed her the most beautiful ring she has ever seen. It is the perfect place for emotional real videos, filled with real feelings that, no doubt, will reflect in every second.

The best wedding videographer

And the list of weddings could go on, because there are no limits. Even though you are in Luxembourg, imagination is the only limit, since I have everything needed to turn your dreams into reality – it may sound clich, it is true. I have more than enough experience, and I never lose the passion that drives me in my work and pushes me to improve each day. wedding videographer

I can do it, because I know how to do it. I can turn your emotions into memories, in an unrepeatable wedding video.

Wedding video ceremonies

Civil marriage

Religious marriage

Hindu marriage

Beach marriage

Mayan marriage

So, don’t be afraid to explore the map, because I love to be a part of your dreams, and I am honoured to share special moments, such as those concerning your wedding. wedding video

If you are looking for a videographer in Luxembourg, search no more. But don’t hesitate to travel to give the pre- and post-wedding a special meaning, because I am more than happy to accompany you to those places.

Thus, your wedding report will tell your whole story. But I won’t just make a film of your wedding day. I will create a full wedding report, personal, unique and truly emotional. wedding video

Wedding video ceremonies

Civil video marriage

Religious video marriage

Hindu video marriage

Beach video marriage

Mayan video marriage

And it will be only yours, because that is how we like to work at Nelson Coelho Films, offering a complete work, truthful, honest and, of course, fun, natural and cheerful, because it is a joyful time.

Our videos are made to last in an elegant, emotional and attractive way

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