“Wedding Videos, Wedding movies or wedding videographer. In any case of the cases, I love to immortalize moments and details of people who get married, their environment, their families, their friends … Making wedding videos one of the passions I have in my life, the social report now reached very high standards, the marriage business requires more and more a high-level product, shooting or filming a wedding movie is a huge responsibility for me too, that for me is also, a way to feel alive surrounded by sensations and emotions that allow us to witness one of most important day for the engaged couple. I have traveled many countries in search of beautiful love stories, love that keeps moving the world and I like to capture with my camera. I am lucky to have this great work and be able to direct these wedding videos that go straight to heart. Being able to remember in 15 or 20 years from now these moments, those people and families, see how the little ones grew up, feel sensations that will fill you with goose bumps, this has no price, the impact of seeing your wedding video again and being able to feel and travel back to the past, it is one of the best sensations that the human being can feel. Our wedding videos are made and designed to last in an elegant, emotional, attractive and classy way.” Words from my friend Santi Veiga, in which I recognize myself




Expert in wedding videos… Nelson Coelho Films is providing his services throughout Europe and wherever you would like his creativity to be near. The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is his responsibility to capture each important aspect of your wedding, and through his talent, evoke the feelings and emotions that will make it unique. Loving the details, because he believes that these are the ones that make “Nelson Coelho Films” such a notorious and distinct brand, he is conscious that we cannot go back in time and therefore records each moment with creativity, emotion and originality . Nelson Coelho Films will offer an exceptional way of telling your wedding story with a final product of high level. Nelson Coelho Films only accepts a limited quantity of weddings a year and this to guarantee and invest the necessary time in each commitment with each of his productions.


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