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Wedding videos in Lisbon by Nelson Coelho

Wedding videos in Lisbon

To me, making wedding videos in Lisbon is very special, because Lisbon is the capital of my dear country. So, it is very meaningful to be able to make wedding videos in Lisbon.

I don’t remember if my parents made their wedding video in Lisbon, but I know that it is the city where I was born.

I love destination weddings in Lisbon, because weddings here are really special. Usually, the couples come from abroad, with different cultures, and provide different settings to make a different wedding video.

In Lisbon, we can create wedding videos at the beach, by the ocean, in the beautiful, magnificent beaches of Cascais or Caparica.

Best Wedding videos in Lisbon

I recently made a wedding video in Lisbon and the environment, the culture, the landscape, the restaurant, the party, the friends, the music, the decor, the entire scenery made it possible to capture fantastic images to produce different content. Thanks to all that, the final wedding video will be eternally remembered as a dream wedding video in Lisbon, since that’s how the bride and groom described the wedding video in Lisbon I created for them. Wedding Videos In Lisbon.

The first time I made a wedding video in Lisbon was 10 years ago. At that very moment, I decided that I would love to make another wedding video in Lisbon and, since then, I’ve made ten wedding videos in Lisbon.

Recently, I’ve been to Lisbon as a speaker at a training session and lecture about wedding videos, explaining Nelson Coelho Films’ opinion on wedding videos, as well as the similarities that currently a wedding video has with the cinema.

Wedding video in Lisbon

It was also during that training session that someone told me that I should be referred to as aWedding Videos In Lisbon director.

I thought that comment was quite funny, but I must say it does make sense to be referred to as a wedding video director, because we actually are real wedding video directors.

And, without a doubt, the city of the seven hills is any director’s dream, including aWedding Videos In Lisbon director.

Lisbon has its own very special light, which, when captured in a Wedding Videos In Lisbon, makes every image unique and full of life. It is unbelievable to see how that light, when reflected in the various monuments or landscapes, makes every image different and special – that light that can be seen in every corner of the city, in streets and alleyways, squares and avenues, and that can be shown in the wedding videos created in Lisbon, making them extraordinary.

Wedding videos in Lisbon, Portugal

With its numerous and magnificent belvederes that offer a grand view of the city, the long, beautiful Tagus River (Rio Tejo), the typical architecture of the capital of the country, the great diversity of monuments from various architectural styles and eras, packed with rich history, gardens and parks that fill the city with idyllic green areas, there is no shortage of fantastic places that allow to film amazing wedding videos in Lisbon.

But it is not only in the city of Lisbon that one can make incredible wedding videos. In the outskirts of the city, that are also incredible places to make wedding videos, not just the already mentioned beaches of Cascais and Costa da Caparica, in the southern bank of the river, but also in the beautiful, romantic village of Sintra, in the incredibly long Estoril coast, in the idyllic beaches of Setubal…

Destination Wedding Lisbon

From the Parque das Nações, with its modern grand constructions, through Terreiro do Paço, full of history and cultural heritage, the Ribeira das Naus, a new construction by the river incredibly well made, all the way to the Belém Tower, a monument to the Discoveries, it is possible to make truly amazing Wedding Videos In Lisbon. With the Tagus River, two sumptuous bridges, one modern and one old, and the majestic Cristo Rei, with its arms open, has if welcoming the new couple, it is quite the background to memorable wedding video.

Destination wedding video Lisbon

On the other side, or better yet, from a different perspective, it is also possible to make wedding videos from the river, on a boat, with a city view.

In one of the highest points of the city, near Marquês do Pombal, the Parque Eduardo VII has already been used for unbelievable music videos, and certainly also wedding videos. It also creates a beautiful area, with the Avenida da Liberdade extending until the Baixa, and through Terreiro do Paço until the river, thus allowing us to create images for Wedding Videos In Lisbon from a completely different perspective.

Destination wedding videography

Hidden among buildings and some of the busiest streets of the city are the Calouste Gulbenkian gardens, filled with unique areas of culture, leisure and natural beauty, in one of the greatest oasis of this city. With extensive green areas, several statues, lakes, an open air amphitheatre and several trails, these gardens allow to create surprising images, which make a wedding video even more special and almost heavenly.

The Tapada das Necesidades has, without a doubt, one of the most special parks in the city, albeit not the most beautiful one. With abandoned buildings and paths, it has a distinct charm, and a calm and tranquil ambiance. So, when we set out to discover the different corners and curiosities of this park, who knows what unique images can be captured for all the Wedding Videos In Lisbon.

The Estrela Garden and Basilica are an ensemble of architectural and natural beauty, which certainly will make any wedding videos unforgettable. In the outskirts of town, it is also worth mentioning the Florest Park of Monsanto, a large hill with extensive beautiful green areas, as well as the Parque dos Poetas, an urban park in Oeiras, where landscaping and sculpture incorporate poetry, in a tribute to Portuguese poets. Apart from these, there is also a great deal of exuberant gardens spread all over the city and surrounding areas and film Wedding Videos In Lisbon. So it really is only a matter of choosing which one better suits the bride and groom’s wishes, and include it in your wedding video.

Destinati0n wedding videographer

Apart from the exuberant open spaces, there are also – in the city, as well as in the surrounding areas – various palaces that seem to come straight out of a fairy tale, numerous monuments and historical places, ancient and modern luxurious hotels, century-old farms, ancient churches and architectonically rich castles.

The Castle of São Jorge, with one of the various belvederes strategically positioned in the highest points of the city, offers a magnificent view of the city and the river. Being the highest point of the city, among typical quarters, it creates a unique opportunity to capture an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding video in Lisbon. A bit further down is the Lisbon Cathedral, a building of extraordinary detail and beauty, and heading further down from the Castle to Baixa, this entire hill is filled with belvederes with several different views of the city.

Wedding videos in Lisbon

The Belém Tower, one of the most picturesque monuments of Europe, with great abundance of maritime elements that make reference to the great travels of the Portuguese navigators, is an absolutely fascinating building. Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is very close to the river, and has beautiful surrounding green areas, thus offering several different options for wedding videos sceneries.

Wedding videographer Portugal

The Jerónimos Monastery is another incredible example of architecture, a stunning monument also classified as a World Heritage Site. With a striking length of 300 meters, it can serve as a great scenery for wedding videos. It is one of the most impressive examples of religious architecture of the world, thus creating a monumental, historical scenery by the river, from where the ships and caravels at the time of the discoveries departed.

For a totally different version of a wedding video, the Carmo Convent, of which only the walls remain – since the ceiling and arcs have already succumbed – allows to create a completely unique wedding video, with the open skies at the top, and the sun light bathing this building, making it a truly inimitable scene.

Destination wedding videographer Lisbon

The glorious Fronteira Palace is also a lovely option, with a garden full of statues, rooms covered in typical tile panels, and huge interior areas – the perfect scenery for a wedding video worthy of royalty.

The old and very traditional trams, and the iconic lifts with stunning views are also possible settings for fantastic images for a wedding video.

Wedding videographer in Lisbon

The traditional streets of the Alfama quarter, a sort of labyrinth with numerous alleyways, courtyards and patios, as well as the city’s oldest fountains, allow the creation of a wedding video at the sound of Fado.

All over the city, there are countless squares, plazas, fountains and gardens, monuments, statues, museums and buildings… A limitless source of background images for perfect wedding videos.

Stepping a bit outside of the city, but right next to it, in the Estoril coast, the monuments are very different, but equally beautiful to include in any wedding videos, with defence forts from another era spread along the coast, the pleasant historical paths, and colourful manor mansions. And, speaking of Estoril, it is imperative to mention in further detail the beauty Cascais has to offer for an unforgettable wedding video. Framed by the stunning landscape of the Sintra – Cascais Natural Park, with the incredible Guincho Beach, characterized by its strong winds, and the coast line, with a walkable trail between São João do Estoril and Cascais.

Cascais is a picturesque fishing town, surrounded by small urban beaches. But, in the historical centre, the typical streets, the Condes da Guarda Palace, the Cascais bay or the marina, the Citadel and the Cultural Centre offer such a great diversity of places as the imagination of the director that is creating the wedding video.

From Cascais until you reach Sintra, the landscape is entirely different, but absolutely phenomenal. We leave behind the beaches and fisherman village to step into the ultimate romantic town, the perfect setting for any wedding video. The Cultural Landscape of Sintra was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which comes as no surprise, since it is filled with the most varied and exquisite monuments. Among all these are noteworthy the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle), a magnificent military fortification, the Pena Palace, the greatest example of the Romanticist movement in Portugal, the Vila Palace, a gothic-style palace, the Quinta da Regaleira, with luxurious gardens, the Seteais Palace, described as abandoned in Eça de Queiroz’s notorious romance “The Maias”, the Monserrate Palace, unique testimony to the eclecticisms of the 19th century, the Countess d’Edla Chalet, situated in the romantic gardens of the Pena Palace, the Capuchos Convent, a Franciscan convent built in direct contact with nature, and the Queluz National Palace, with its historical gardens. All of these monuments have exceptional charm and beauty, with small corners and secret areas to discover, which look like they have been take straight out of a fairy tale. And who doesn’t want a fairy tale portrayed in their wedding video?

Lisbon wedding video

But Sintra has more to offer than just monuments. This vast area also has several places of extraordinary natural beauty, such as the Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Portugal, the Pena Park, at the top of the mountain, the Praia da Adraga, with its wide shore, and the Liberdade Park, just to name a few examples of perfect settings for an absolutely fabulous wedding video in Lisbon.

In the outskirts of Lisbon, but at the southern bank of the Tagus River, the landscape is quite different. From Costa da Caparica, with incredibly long sandy beaches, to Setubal, where you can find some of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches. Here, the sand is golden and the water turquoise, but the backdrop is deep green, thanks to the wooded hills behind it, thus creating a very unique landscape. It is even possible to make the wedding video on a boat, with cheery dolphins as special guests.

Best wedding videographer Lisbon

And these are only a few of the most beautiful or peculiar options that the Lisbon area has to offer. Portugal is a country filled with incredible diversity of landscapes and monuments, and the capital is a clear example of that. You just have to choose the perfect scenery, from the extremely wide range of options the city has to offer, for a special wedding video in Lisbon, and it will be a huge pleasure to make it absolutely extraordinary, has I believe every wedding video should be.

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