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“She is the love of my life”, said Ricardo while he told me their story, his love story with Andreia. A story born with music notes and chords, rocked by the waves of the Portuguese sea. It was the love of music that brought them together, when they met in Luxembourg, their new found home. But it was another love, the love for the sea of their country Portugal that sealed a relationship that had everything to be perfect. Theirs is one of those stories that is immediately translated in images in the mind of a wedding videographer – my mind – very naturally. These images are full of emotion and truth, and make me anxious for that day, to give it colour, and to give shape to every single shot created for them.

When Ricardo told me how we proposed to Andreia, I realized that their friends had to be a big part of their wedding day. It was actually in their presence, in Praça do Comércio, in Lisbon, that Ricardo told Andreia that he could not live without her – and Andreia said yes.

So, I started picturing the scene. I imagined a thousand shots, full of emotion, feelings and memories. When the wedding day came, I had not been mistaken, as it was all about their friends, their love, and the sea. There I was with my camera, my silent accomplice, in that unusual start of a wedding, so special and different, as the images created would be.

Surf before a wedding: absolutely surprising and magnificent. I am a Portuguese videographer who is used to the sea, to that very same Portuguese sea, but I have to admit that this experience was different and amazing. It was incredible to see the bride and groom with their friends, surfing the waves of Figueira da Foz, relaxing their minds, enjoying every minute of it, embracing the best life has to offer. The images were different and special. Unique images in succession, which showed a connection between the couple that was almost palpable. But the day was only starting.

A place by the sea, their sea, “Casa da Praia”, in Figueira da Foz, was the special place chosen for their wedding day in Portugal, the only place that enchanted this couple, and that ended their search. Also quite unique was the wedding gown design, by “Justin Alexander” (in Merry me Noivas, Coimbra) chosen by Andreia. Simply magnificent. And the best accessories any bride can wear are her joy, her dreams and expectations, and Andreia simply exuded them. She exuded life. Images full of life were reflected in her smile, in her desire, and in her gaze, as if the sea was painted in her eyes.

Ricardo was always surrounded by his friends, who, like this couple, live in Luxembourg, but keep their roots and their hearts in Portugal. Those friends who travelled far without hesitation to be next to Andreia and Ricardo, as they always were and always will be. And I was able to capture this strong and beautiful friendship with my camera, while creating fun images of unforgettable moments, in which the words friendship and family had certainly become one. Once again – and not for the last time – I felt incredibly fortunate and proud to be the wedding videographer of Andreia and Ricardo, and to be able to share this special day in their lives, that is so intense and has so much meaning and truth. It was a beautiful couple in a beautiful place that allowed me to create an incredible wedding report for them, that will last forever.

But there were many more surprises to come, thanks to this couple full of spontaneity, with a free mind and way of living, but most importantly, that cared deeply for each other. Once again, their friends surprised and deeply moved everyone. As if escorting a princess of a contemporary fairy tale, their friends rode their bikes and made way to “Casa da Praia”, a path for the bride and groom to walk together, with the ocean as their background. Everything was unique and perfect. And the images created were very surprising, depicting spontaneous special moments. The couple and all their guests were overwhelmed by emotion, but also excited to have fun. And that, of course, also allowed me to create a lot of really fun shots.

And speaking of fun, no one can forget the amazing arrival of the bride. A smiling, joyful bride, eager to set her emotions free. Our experience as videographers grants us with a special instinct for these moments, by observing what their bodies and faces tell us. So I knew what was about to happen, and kept a close eye. However, Andreia was still able to surprise me and everyone else, with one of the most beautiful and spontaneous gestures I’ve ever seen in a wedding. When she got to the altar, she kissed her groom’s lips, breaking one of the most important rules: you may kiss the bride, but only after you’re married. However, for this couple the rules don’t apply, for there are no rules for those who start their wedding day with waves and smiles, instead of nerves and stress; no rules for those who travel miles to celebrate their wedding day among their people.

But more surprises were to come, and tears would still glisten in everyone’s eyes. The bride, in yet another very special moment, invited the groom’s daughter to join them and asked her if she would accept to be the daughter of her heart. While the beautiful words of their wedding vows were being shared, she promised her love not only to Ricardo, but also to his daughter Soraya. And she said a shy “I do”, and sealed it with a hug and a kiss, with happy tears running down her face, and turning these three incredible people into a very happy family.

It was absolutely amazing to be part of such a fun and refreshing wedding, because that’s how their wedding film will be: fun, real, natural, without poses, only telling what was lived and felt that special day.

At the right moment, Andreia’s bouquet, created by “Loja Blue”, flew across the air in search of the nervous hands that longed to catch it. Or maybe to the bride’s hands, that just couldn’t part with it.

But I’m not going to tell you the whole story, because my stories are told by my videos. So, I’d like to invite you to watch the unique and natural wedding video of Andreia and Ricardo, in Portugal. I promise a lot of emotion, beauty, closeness, laughter, joy, and fun – all the ingredients to a magnificent wedding film.

So now I would like to thank this couple, Andreia and Ricardo: You are very special, and it was a great pleasure to work with you. I wish you all the happiness in the world.