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I love Las Vegas! It was the place in the world I liked the most, regardless of it being considered somewhat of an “artificial” city.

Every year, I tell my partners (who are going to do about four or five post-wedding sessions a year) what my personal travel plans are and where do I plan to travel to.

I may go on holidays with my partner or to a different destination for training courses. But if a couple is interested and wants to come along, I’ll propose to do a post-wedding session in that different location. There will be no additional costs, since I will already be traveling there. Of course, if the bride and groom choose an exclusive destination for the post-wedding session, the budget is going to be different.

I like to offer them that possibility, because it’s fun and easy for everyone.

But let me explain: I obviously charge for the post-wedding video. What I don’t charge is my trip abroad, because, as I was saying, I am already going there on vacation or for training courses, and so we’ll just meet there.

It is very important in our profession to make it clear that a video is not for free – it is a job and it has its value. And I always look for clients who value my work.

So last year, I was in Vegas, and this amazing couple decided to join me there to do their session. Perfect, I thought.

The shots are what’s always clear to me.

I think of them as if they were photographic/aesthetic images, yet very carefully framed, which is the way I like to work in all sessions. I develop the work until I get an adequate number of shots, and those will take form when editing.

That’s when the story starts to come to life. I never have a strict script in my head. I like to feel the moment as it arises, the couple’s natural demeanour, and their interaction with the place of the session.

This is the part in which I like to let my instinct guide my work.

When I was in Las Vegas with this couple, I remembered their wedding dance.

I saw the road, free, the sky, clean, and I simply asked them to dance in the way they felt most comfortable. And while they were having fun, I was paying close attention to the framing.

We were having a great time. By the end of the day, I was really happy with the shots I had gotten, but I have to confess that I did not know what music to use.

The truth is that when I’m selecting the shots in the computer (maybe after three hours or more), I usually listen to music or have the radio on. On this occasion, it was the radio. And all of a sudden, a song started and

I knew it – “Damn, this is the perfect song.”

I don’t like to talk too much about my artistic side, or whether everyone likes what I do.

The truth is that I need some measure of improvisation to be able to record with total freedom and fluidity.

I like to feel things in the moment, as they are happening, to be able to feel them in a real and authentic way, and to showcase them just like that. Of course, there is a basic preparation required, such as knowing the couple and the location extremely well. And that’s already a considerable amount of work, but during the shooting, the moment and my instinct take the lead.

In a way, I guess that most wedding videos follow an Americanized style, which is fine and I actually quite like it.

But I always try to break free from it, to let myself get carried away by the couple and the moment, by what I know and feel.

The outcome with this couple in Las Vegas was: an incredible place, something fresh, different, dynamic, cheerful, fun, impressive and surprising.

Shake it!