Working with Nelson was definitely the best decision we made when it came to planning our wedding.

A wedding video is without a doubt the best keepsake we could have of our wedding day. It even allowed us to see certain things we didn’t notice throughout that day.

Working with him was one of the most unique experience of our lives. From the very first minute we started talking, we immediately felt great empathy, which made things easier. It made us feel a lot more comfortable during the filming, which to us – not being models or actors – was a somewhat awkward situation.

His dedication and thoroughness in every detail is remarkable. He doesn’t let anything fail, so that we can have the end result we dreamt of. That’s what we call professionalism!

He was obviously not the inventor of wedding videos, but he has certainly revolutionized this area!

Thank you, Nelson, for a wedding video that has definitely exceeded our expectations.

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